Actual XLK Client Savings Achieved Without Changing Their Plan Design

Industry:  Construction

Total Employees: 70

Health Plan Participants: 52

Monthly Costs before XLK:                                            $32,000 per month

Monthly Costs had they renewed their previous plan:   $38,000 per month

Monthly Costs with XLK year one:                                 $20,000 per month

​Monthly Costs with XLK year two:                                  $20,000 per month

Savings based on 2014 actual costs:                         $12,000 per month Savings

Savings based on projected 2016 Costs:                   $21,500 per month Savings

Industry: Banking

Total Employees: 130

Total Health Plan Participants: 90 

Average Monthly Savings:  $22,000

Annual Increase over the past 4 years:  0.00%

Total Savings: Over $900,000

Projected 2017 Increase: 0.00%

​Industry: Municipality

Total Employees: 248

Total Health Plan Participants: 189

​Average Monthly Savings: $23,000

Increases over the past 5 years: 0.00%

Total Savings to date: Over $1,000,000

Projected 2017 Increase: 0.00%

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